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WOOD-PAKer Heat Shrink Packing Line

Want to make a profit on fire wood or waste wood… the WOOD-PAKER™ is the answer!

The WOOD-PAKer™ Heat Shrink Packaging Line is designed for the forest and lumber/sawmill/pallet industries … meeting everyone’s needs, from low production capacities to industrial!

All WOOD-PAKER™ models include:

• L.P. gas ovens
• chain and gear drive
• electric thermostat control
• push/pull (shut down operator)
• slip gear safety mechanism
• utilizes 110V
• pipe burner
• high temperature air blower fan for heat exchange in encased, air vent ovens
• on/off/reverse conveyor control
• push button propane startup
• gun metal grey body with red ovens
• optional wheels/axle/fenders and trailer unit available on models
• preferably operated indoors
• easy assembly / crated for shipping
• virtually maintenance free
• no special tools required

Choose from the following WOOD-PAKER™ models

Model Packages/Hr Production Req’d # of Operators Machine Length Sets of Racks
G100 100 2 16′ 18
G200 200 3 19 1/2′ 23
G300 300 4 26 1/2′ 32
G400 400 5 34 1/2′ 42
G500 500 6 40 1/2′ 49
G600 600 7 43 1/2′ 53
G700 700 8 57′ 57
(Physical appearance of all models is the same.)
The WOOD-PAKER™ maker, B&B Manufacturing, Division of Burlingame, Inc., has been in business since January 1985 producing shrink wrap packaging systems forthe firewood/wastewood industry and has geared its machinery to meet the needs of various producers. Firewood dealers can now compete with larger producers achieving greater profits than they are now making! Those with waste wood product can now turn what they currently give away; throw away or sell at ridiculously low prices into handsome profits! Onthe previous page, you saw just a sample of the variety of packages which can be achieved from any one of our machines! Easy to operate, low maintenance, easily affordable, our machinery has its own, in-house stocked line of accessories (see price list/order form). Simply tear a sheet of shrink wrap film from the perforated roll (perforated at intervals to accommodate your product and rack size), place into rack adding advertising piece if desired, stack your wood product, overlap ends of the film, attach handle if desired and/or firestarter stick, set your controls, engage the conveyor system, passing the bundles through the oven and there you have it. Picture perfect packages with/without attached handles and firestarter stick! EASY AND SIMPLE! Compare below what you might presently be making from your firewood and what you could be making from Pak-aged Firewood!
WOOD-PAKer Packaged Lumber Products

Income from Firewood…Regular Versus Packaged

Judge for yourself! (figures based on 4’ x 4’ x 8’ full cord)

Cords Sold per Year
Regular Firewood 100 500 1,000

Selling @ $105.00 per cord

100 2 16′

Selling @ $135.00 per cord

200 3 19 1/2′

Selling @ $165.00 per cord

300 4 26 1/2′
Packaged Firewood

170 Packages @ $2.00 each = $340.00 per cord

500 6 40 1/2′

170 Packages @ $2.50 each = $382.50 per cord

600 7 43 1/2′

170 Packages @ $2.50 each = $425.00 per cord

700 8 57′

*(figures based on 4’ x 4’ x 8’ full cord) /  Each package is .75 cubic foot

(Physical appearance of all models is the same.)

A packaged wood business offers:

• more profits per cord
• much less wood handling to earn the same money
• year round sales
• much smaller investment
• the opportunity to write your own unlimited paycheck

Your income potential is not limited by any means!
The following seven most popular income plans:

1. Sell packaged wood to local retail outlets;
2. Sell to campgrounds;
3. On-site packaging at your customer’s location; 4. Machine rental to others;
5. Sell to mass merchandisers;
6. Sell for home heating use;
7. Shrink wrap other products!

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