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Sure-Lite Fire Products

How much Sure-Lite should be used to start a wood fire

Each Stick of Sure-Lite Fire Starter will Burn between 6 to 10 min. and should start most fire BUT if your wood is not cured or dry kilned it may be necessary to use 2 or more Sticks to start your fire. There is nothing wrong with the Sure-Lite its just a simple fact that wet wood is harder to light then dry.

Is Sure-Lite Fire Starter hard to light

Sure-Lite Fire Starter is safe and easy to light – just use a match or lighter and light the end of the stick.  Some people will break off a small piece of the end and light it that way.  There is no flare up so you will have plenty of time to just place the lit piece of Sure-Lite under the wood.  Each stick will burn 6 to 10 minutes  – plenty of time to start your dry wood.

Why use Sure-Lite Fire starter instead of Paper or Liquid

It is not recommended to use paper or liquid fire starters because both come with risks to safety that the use of Sure-Lite fire starter sticks alleviate.

You should never use Paper or Liquid to start your fires – for good reasons:

Reason 1: Paper, when lit, becomes lighter than air and will float up into the air and can blow away from your fire and start the surrounding area on fire.   When used in the fire place,  paper can flow up the chimney and cause creosote build up which could cause a dangerous chimney fire.

Reason 2: Liquid is always a bad idea because if you use just a little to much you’ll get a blow back and you could burn yourself.  With liquid fire starters there is also the possibility of spilling a little on the ground which could start something else on fire that you didn’t expect to light. DON’T EVER USE LIQUID IN YOU’R FIREPLACE…..